Free Fallin’

I wanna free fall out into nothin’

I’m gonna leave this world for a while

Now I’m free…free fallin’, fallin’


Something about Free Fallin’ always makes me happy inside-and it matters not whether it’s the original Tom Petty version or the acoustic John Mayer cover. It instantly transports me to memories of riding on the parkway in the summer sunshine with the windows down and the music up loud; of singing every word in that slightly off-key way that makes you cringe inwardly but feels so right! Good memories. The ones that stand out in technicolor and are etched into our minds forever.

This week has been excruciatingly long and I have felt somewhat stifled by the monotony of email, of routine…of cube life in general. The inner me (the real me) longs to be outdoors doing something free of rollly chairs, meetings and structure. One would think all the hiking I have been doing lately would squelch some of the urge but nay- I think it has actually increased my desire to be unencumbered/free of walls and responsibilities.

To celebrate the end of the seemingly never ending work week, I decided to go pick up my pup and just drive with no particular destination and no agenda. My only goal was fresh air and wind in my hair. Coop has been coming with me on my hiking/leaf looking adventures lately and has decided that he is a traveler like his mum. Now every time he hears the familiar jingle of car keys or his leash, he cuts a shine (you like that southern term I just used??) and barks incessantly until I take him somewhere. Needless to say, his doggie joy was hard to contain as I packed his stuff into the car-he beat me to death with his excessive tail wagging against my leg and covered my foot in happy drool.

Anyway, we packed up and set out on a drive with the windows down and our hair/fur blowing in the wind. I could instantly feel my stress level decreasing and my weariness subsiding. We found ourselves at a state park and decided to hike a bit.

We got out of the car and Cooper, in typical fashion, decided to stop, take in the fresh air, and poop all over the sidewalk. This is one behavior he does NOT get from his mum. We have discussed that this is a form of freedom best left for the woods but he apparently struggles with that piece of advice-maybe it doesn’t translate well from English to dog.

I went back to my car to find a baggie/something to pick up the poo with and spotted a man sitting in a car a few spaces away. There were plenty of people out and about but I suddenly got cold chills all over my body.

There was just something creepy about him and I felt it in the air. And yes, that sounds slightly “gypsy woman with cheap crystal ball”-ish but I am telling you I felt it.

I am all about being independent and doing things by myself but this girl also knows when to trust her instincts (momma didn’t raise no fool) and get the hell out of dodge. I scooped up my dog, tossed him in the back seat and off we went…the poop remained on the sidewalk so hoping it doesn’t get added to some unsuspecting person’s shoe as a less than pleasant reminder of their walk with nature.

Im driving down the road and am mad at Mr Creepster for ruining our hike! Why did he have to be sitting there looking all, “I have ladies locked in my basement and jars of body parts in my fridge” like?!  Oh well. I silently sent him some bad juju and hoped he would step in Cooper’s ill-placed poo as punishment.

After a few minutes of being riled up/freaked out, I came around a corner and saw three horses running in an open field. It was so randomly beautiful that I immediately whipped the Jeep over (have I told yous guys how much I love my Jeep?!)  and got out. For the first time all week, I was able to “just be” for a while.

The horses came over to say hello, Cooper took a snooze, and I took off my shoes and spent the better part of an hour with nakie feet snapping photos and petting their soft horsey noses. I don’t know if it was the vitamin D from the sun, the smell of horses, hay and earth or the simple act of connecting with such amazing creatures (likely all of the above) but it was the most freeing feeling I have had all week and calmed the restlessness in my soul.

There is something about the softness in a horse’s eyes that could warm even the coldest of hearts and melt away all the cares in the world for a few minutes. I also think they are my spirit animal as they too long for freedom and room to run. The photo for this blog is my favorite from today-she was super sweet and would bump her head into my hand if I wasn’t paying enough attention to her.

Every day I am grateful for little moments like these as they remind me that the simple things truly are what life is all about. Being outdoors is always my happy place and there is something magical about giving yourself over to nature and just feeling free for a little while. Today was one of those technicolor moments I am sure I will remember for a lifetime.

And I’m freeeeee…free fallin’. Fallin’.





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  1. Rising Hawk says:

    The song I blared from my car stereo after my discharge from the Navy, on my way home. Love it! 🙂

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    1. It’s just one of those songs that never gets old.

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  2. Lovely – and I emphathise completely!

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