Solid Gold

“Anyone can find the dirt in someone-be the one who finds the gold.”


The topic of discussion this evening, my loveys? Positive energy.

I love seeing people be unapologetically excited about…well anything really. Even if I don’t fully understand the place they are coming from, I feel like I soak in flecks of the positivity they are sending out into the world and it in turn makes me a happier person.

Some of you are reading this and are likely convinced I don’t need to soak in any additional “flecks” as I am often accused of being overly chipper (I must give coffee at least some credit as it often fuels my early morning whistling/pep) and excessively optimistic. To that I say RUBBISH! There is always room for more good vibes in this world.


I am naturally drawn to people who seem to radiate good juju. I feel like being positive opens us up to endless possibilities and allows us to think openly about the world and our place within it. Without that openness, how dull life becomes!! And how heavy the burdens feel.

This is something I tend to notice immediately about people-it’s almost like they are outlined in Crayola colors inside my mind. Some the sunny dandelion and mango hues of happiness, others the shamrock and indigo of calm. The “toxics” are inky and somehow too opaque-their heavy muddled colors run together to make muddy browns that lack any luster or shine.

My natural tendency is to color with the happy crayons-

While I understand that things in life are not always flowers, sunshine and rainbows, I struggle with folks that seem to perpetually live in the land of the ink and mud. I try to undersand-I really do. I know life has handed some people repeated ass kickings but to me, those are all the more reason to push negativity as far away as possible and strive for happiness at all costs. I try to give them little pieces of light to show them it’s out there but I’m not sure how successful I am in those endeavors sometimes. Habits are hard to break and people have to really dig sometimes to break free. They also have to believe that there is light out there for them-that pushing the darkness down is feasible.

Off topic but speaking of bad habits, did I tell you guys I am now officially six weeks smoke free again??? My lungs are rejoycing as I type this! My waistline has taken a beating as I seem to have replaced cigarettes with Dove chocolate but I am considering myself a work in progress-one thing at a time.

Anyway, a few days ago I noticed something beautiful in someone and it sparked the idea for this blog. I have a friend from my early childhood that I lost touch with over the years but have reconnected with recently (there are SOME silver linings to the world of social media!). Something that struck me about him is the way he seems to fully embrace life. He is visibily passionate about the things he loves-his eyes actually light up as he is talking about these topics and you hear it in the inflection of his words. He seems to radiate positive energy-and it’s infectious. If he was excited about dirt, you would likely find yourself being excited too even if you couldn’t care less about dirt.

Do you know individuals like this?

If so, you know how they instantly brighten your day and remind you of all the amazing little reasons to be happy. It makes me smile-a little because it’s a character trait we share but also because it’s so refreshing to see it in others. I think the power to spread those vibes is a gift and should always be appreciated as such.

At the end of the day, people like this are the game changers. They believe in the impossible-in a world where imagination and magic can be free to frolick with no judgement or doubt. They see beyond the current circumstances or obstacles and look at all that could be. Why are these kinds of individuals so essential to me?

Glad you asked. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I “grow up”. I feel like there is a plethora (still love this word!) of passion inside me that simply needs the right outlet. With that, I know I can make this world better in some small way. I feel it bubbling inside me (and no, it’s not just tacos from our new “Taco Bell Express” taco truck-more on that in a sec) and know that I haven’t found my ultimate purpose yet, but am pushing myself to dig deeper and embrace whatever I find. I feel that life-loving people help me along my journey in immeasurable ways.

Before we move on, let’s revisit this Taco Bell taco truck thought for just a sec. It’s a temporary setup as our local drive-thru has collapsed into a giant sink hole not once but TWICE! Does anyone else think this may be some higher power’s way of trying to save our stomachs??  I am oddly intrigued but slightly afraid to try anything. I have a mental image of playing Oregon trail back in the day and getting fatal bouts of dysentery.

I always got the shits and died!

While disappointing, I guess it could have been worse-I remember the least enthralling means of demise was a broken arm. Who lets a broken bone end such an epic journey? Wrap it up and get back in the damn wagon for Christ’s sake-there are rivers to ford, bears to hunt and oxen to tend! Such good memories of childhood-even if I often had a shitty journey.

Anyway, life is a series of winding twists and turns-I feel that I am just wandering along the sideroads currently-searching for my true path. I try to emit good vibes into the world around me and give back when I can. I feel that I need to surround myself with as many passionate, positive people as possible as they are the people who are not afraid. Not afraid to explore. To dream. To push forward with fervor even in the face of uncertainty and the unknown. They are “my people” and I love the way they approach life. I am so glad to know a few of them and see how beautiful they make the world.

Cheers to the do-gooders, dreamers, positive vibe radiators, lovers of life-humans with fire in their souls.

You inspire me daily.

You are solid gold in my book. ❤
















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  1. What a lovely – positive! – post! Thank you.

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